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There has been no miracle in my son's development, but I keep seeing and valuing every changes for they pull him up to a fuller and happier self.

About me

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My professional career started when I understood that helping others was fueling my motivation to go to work. That is when I decided to work in the humanitarian field. For 10 years, this path took me to various places, from Afghanistan to Capo Verde, stopping by Sri Lanka, Soudan, Kenya, Yemen and Central Africa. Meeting with rich cultures and welcoming societies, working as an administrative coordinator on numerous project in different fields: disability, malnutrition, water and sanitation, social inclusion...

In 2013, My son was born with a rare genetic disorder called SATB2 Syndrome and resulting in a general developmental delay. Traveling for work was not an option anymore and I was happy to spend time to be with my child. I was introduced to The Anat Baniel Method (ABM), through a friend of a friend and I was especially intrigued: after few years of answering therapists' questions about what my child could not do, the whole methodology of working from where the child is in terms of development and possibilities, instead of regulated milestones, made so much sense to me. Very soon after the first lessons I noticed changes in my son (better balance, better anticipation of his surroundings, variation in his playful activities...). 4 months later, I decided to become an ABM-NeuroMovement practitioner and continue with the fulfilling path of helping the vulnerable ones - children with special needs, and adult seeking ways to overcome pain or to simply feel at home with themselves.

When I registered for the training in 2017, little did I know how much this would impact me, my feeling of self, the acceptance of my son's condition and how I relate to others.

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