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"Movement is the basis from which the brain self-organizes" - Anat Baniel

What is the Anat Baniel Method® – NeuroMovement®?

It is about using movement, not as exercise, but as information to the brain so that it can create the neurological configuration of the movement.

NeuroMovement is about helping adults and children to be connected to themselves, to feel themselves. As a result, their brain starts differentiating and forming new possibilities.

NeuroMovement ends up being all about organizing action.

By capitalizing on the concept of brain plasticity - the brain’s ability to change and grow new neurological pathways and connections throughout life - the Anat Baniel Method helps people take advantage of the fact that the brain can change for the better in response to new experiences.  This gentle, yet incredibly effective method, provides the brain with new sensory and motor information, creating new neural pathways, thus diminishing chronic pain, enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination & cognitive performance.

The 9 Essentials

Movement alone is not enough to wake up the brain's ability to grow and learn. The Anat Baniel Method narrows down 9 elements that are essential to allow the brain to perceive differences and hence learn:

1. Movement with Attention: bring attention to what you or your child feels as you or s/he moves. The brain will immediately start building billions of new neurological connections to help change, learning, and transformation.

2. Slow: Slow way down to help learning new skills and overcome limitations. Fast, one can only do what one already know. Slow stimulates the formation of rich new neural patterns.

3. Variation: Introduce variation and playfulness into everything you or your child does. The brain will get the information it needs to create new possibilities in movements, thoughts, and actions.

4. Subtlety: Reduce the force with which you move, think, and act for you or with your child. As you or your child develops greater sensitivity, this will enhance the brain’s ability to perceive the finest of differences.

5. Enthusiasm: Practice enthusiasm in daily life. Enthusiasm tells the brain what is important, amplifying whatever that is and infusing it with energy to grow more.

6. Flexible Goals: Know the goals for yourself or your child and embrace all the unexpected steps, mis-steps, and re-routes along the way. These are a rich source of valuable information for the brain.

7. The Learning Switch: For the brain to properly do its job, the learning switch needs to be turned ON. Help yourself or your child to expect to do, think, or learn something new in each situation, even familiar ones.

8.Imagination & Dreams: Help yourself or your child to imagine how to carry out tasks and dream up as many possibilities as you/s/he can. Imagination & dreams guide the brain to continue growing and developing.

9. Awareness: Help yourself or your child to become aware of what you/s/he is doing, sensing, thinking, and experiencing at any given moment. When awaring, the brain is working at its highest level. ​

Visit the Anat Baniel Method site for more information about NeuroMovement and the 9 Essentials.



I have a daughter with SMA type1, SMA is a muscle disease so she doesnt move a lot. A friend of mine insisted that I should try the Anat Baniel method, that was doing amazing things with her daughter. I got very curious about it and started my search for a professional in The Hague. I am so glad I met Christelle by an indication in a facebook group. Christelle is wonderful, Joana loves her so much. The therapy is always great with a really nice and comfortable room! Joana started to have more strength in her hands and arms and shoulders and always when she left the therapy she was much more comunicative and happy!
I highly recommend Anat Baniel with Christelle!


Ik hoorde via een groep van ouders met kinderen met een beperking voor het eerst van de Anat Baniel methode voor kinderen met special needs. Ik was nieuwsgierig wat deze methode voor mijn zoon van 3 kon beteken met een gemengde ontwikkelingsachterstand als gevolg van een beschadiging in de kleine hersenen. Ik kreeg contact met Christelle en maakte een afspraak. Het fijne vind ik dat Christelle mee beweegt in wat mijn zoon fijn vindt of juist niet. Ze zoekt elke keer naar de juiste manier om hem te benaderen en respecteert zijn grenzen. Mijn zoon heeft een boost in zijn ontwikkeling gekregen: neemt meer initiatief en probeert steeds meer dingen uit. Ook lijkt het alsof hij beter weet wat hij met zijn lichaam kan. Ik ben blij met de tips hoe wij als ouders onze zoon beter kunnen helpen en begrijpen aan de hand van deze methode. Ik raad Christelle Garnier van harte aan wanneer je kind anders is dan normaal.

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